What Office Supplies Do You Really Need?

Having the right office supplies is essential, not matter whether you're starting your own business, moving premises, or just ensuring that your staff have what they need to do their job.

Here's what sort of things you and your staff will need.

1. The right computers and laptops will make your staff more productive and save both time and money. When was the last time you thought about changing your computers, or improving the technology in your office?

2. In the modern office, printers have a hard life. You'll want to make sure that you have the right printers, whether inkjet printers, or colour laser printers. By choosing all in one printers, you can have a fax machine, photocopier, scanner and printer, all in the one unit, which will save space and money.

3. Using the right sort of printer paper will make a big difference too. You'll want to use god quality paper for your reports and proposals, whilst internal documents might be on recycled paper. Don't forget that if you're printing photographs or other images, then you'll get the best results with dedicated photo paper. You might also want photocopier paper too.

4. Despite the promise of the paperless office, pens are still essential in the office. Whether you're writing down a phone message, or signing a contract, you'll want to make sure that you have plenty of the right sorts of pens for you and your staff.

5. Pads are still as useful as ever, and are used for writing down phone numbers, meeting notes, and for writing down ideas and suggestions. You'll need reporters' notepads, or desktop pads, and flipchart pads for your office.

6. Sticky notes are used everywhere in the office, and you'll find them stuck to monitors, on pads and folders and as bookmarks too. Available in different colours and sizes, you'll find plenty of uses for sticky pads in your office.

7. You'll need plenty of different sorts of envelopes in your office. Whether you're sending out reports, proposals or contracts in A4 envelopes, invoices in window envelopes, or products in padded envelopes, you'll want to have the right sort of envelopes.

8. As well as having your appointments on your computer and on your phone, you and your staff will still benefit from having a traditional diary. Why not have a big desk diary, so that you know what you're doing, where you'll be and when, and a pocket diary to take with you?

9. Folders and binders are ideal for organising brochures, technical support information, sales literature, invoices, and all other paperwork, your business will generate.

10. You'll need a filing cabinet or two to store all your binders and folders, so that you know where they are. With different colours and sizes, you'll be able to keep your office organised, and have all the information you and your staff need close to hand.

Now you know what you need, have you got all the office supplies you need?