Is this your cue? The truth about modern high-technology pool cues

I started playing snooker at a young age 7, during the winter, grew up in northern Maine, where the temperature reaches 50 below zero, and it's too cold to ski. Games forum at Loring AFB has a pool table and some very athletic kids, I was a natural curiosity about the game, but after watching a few games I was invited to one of the pilot, to play games with him. He showed how to hold a cue and make a bridge, and I was a small wooden box to stand on, so I can get to the table. Does not take much time, so I became addicted to the game, and immediately invited my friends to play. We spent many winter days in this room, REC, playing for several hours, making our own rules and games, and eventually even a nickel candy, bet on the outcome. Yes, we are big spenders!

When summer hits, we put the cue back and play baseball all day. My dream since I was 5 years old and saw the Dodgers play in Los Angeles a few times before my dad moved to Loring, is to become a professional baseball player, and I finally got a scholarship to college baseball in Texas where my father retired in 1966. For years, every spare hour was spent not practicing baseball in the billiard room, and after my baseball career ended with a torn shoulder pitching, swimming pool becomes the number one interest. I won my first tournament when I was 17 at the bar, my brother worked for and won the first prize cues. I am very excited, until I screwed it together and turned it on the table. To my horror, he rolled down like a bottle opener, because it's so misguided to be aspirin! Back to the game with a stick bar!

Over the next 20 years, I rushed to the pool, where I worked at that time. I drilled oil wells across the country, and make so much money to bother hooligans after the change, as I do with my salary. As a mud engineer, I am responsible for checking the various units every day, and learn, and play against hundreds of players from different pools each year. Moving across the country in various fields every year, I was able to stay below the radar and remains relatively unknown, so there is never a problem to get the money game. I think I never met a bully, do not play pool, and most of them are fairly high opinion of his game. Typically, this has changed when it comes time to pay!

In 1989, I met with Alexander Brothers on the golf course in Dallas. Nick, a lawyer, founded Billiards click-click of a few years ago, and now has a total of 20 rooms pools dallas, with its original space in the pool right in the Dallas Abrams Rd. and Northwest Highway. Greg, his brother, is the CEO and responsible for hiring managers for all 20 pool room. At the moment I left the oil business and earn a living on the golf course and pool room every day. Greg and Nick are both members of the Sleepy Hollow Country Club, south of Dallas, where I rushed to the golf course every day. Greg is a 3-disabled, and after I played with him, 3 or 4 days a week for several months (and take money out of it), he asked if I was playing billiards. Heh-heh-heh. "A little," I said, and he took me into the night to original Billiards clicks to try to win some of their money back.

After he paid a hundred, I beat him out that night, he offered me a job as assistant manager of the original officers. He knew that I was never banned as a rule before, but assured me I would choose to quickly, and will go straight to the pool of players that their main customer base. Was he ever right! I do to it like fish in water, and finally satisfaction best pool players in Dallas and one of the best in the country. Click had several exhibitions, including Grady Matthews, Eva, and Mataya, striking Viking. Click also where I met CJ M., expensive players, who won the ESPN Ultimate Challenge Nine in 1995 or 96. There are many, many at the highest level of professional players at the click, with $ 1000 a lot of games this pocket is the night, with many big bets Dallas fund a lot of action, and sweaters in dozens of trains, just watch ... or pray, LOL.

CJ rolled Hit in 1990, and continued to terrorize the local professionals. He became an instant legend, steamrolling every major player in the city. People who are afraid of the devil out of me will not even touch the CJ, as he invited them to 5 and out. His reputation grew, and his approval rating as well, eventually reaching 4 or 5 in the world of swimming. While working there, I quickly made friends with CJ, and when he opened his own room in Dallas, CJ, Billiard Palace, I finally get a click and get a place in the management of CJ. When he finds a player 90% of the action, and the professionals who go with him. He has 12 gold crowns, compared to 4 clicks per, kitchen, and open 24 hours. The action never stops.

So what, you ask, does all of this should be the theme of the title? I bought my first cue, Wayne Thomas, 91, and though she was beautiful, with lots of gorgeous inlays, and very responsive, he really did not do anything to improve your game. I played with him for 3 years until it got stolen, and I love the team, but I can play just as well with the gesture bar, make sure it is the right weight and have a good tip. I spent $ 700 on cue, but I do not really need. He did not give me an advantage over the house cues.

I have a severe back injury in 1994 that made me quit playing golf and pool. I do not want to risk surgery, and not until 2008 that I had some non-narcotic drugs, VA That allows me to bend over the table again without excruciating pain. At that time the Predator cue comes from 10 of the shaft, the hollow at the end, which significantly reduces cue ball deflection on impact ... they said. Proceeds from the game for 14 years, I've read a little about these signals, and are interested to say the least.

For those of you reading this, I do not know that the deflection of the ball is, here he is in a nut shell: If the ball is struck on either side of the vertical axis ... the center line .... ball deflected or "needles" in the opposite direction. So if you hit the ball right to use "English" ... strike the cue ball right of the vertical center line ... the ball will deflect to the left, and vice versa .. The amount of deflection varies depending on the speed of impact, distance from the center line (or the tip displacement) hit the ball, and the mass of the tip. In other words, the more you use English, the harder the stroke, and the greater the mass of the end ..... All these factors will increase the amount of deviation, or syringe. This jet should be compensated when we seek, or you do not fire often enough.

That's where technology comes into play Predator. With a bit of empty space at the tip end, the mass decreased sharply reduce the number of aberrations, allowing a signal to push the shaft at impact to the side and pressing the cue shaft to the side. The shaft 314 has become very popular with the right professional, and the shaft to reduce the deviation of Z over by reducing the nozzle size of 12.75mm to 11.75mm. At the short end also helps reduce the mass and, hence, reduce the deviation is even more. Independent testing has a Z ² shaft and the shaft is 314 m ² of predators as the number 1 and number 2 in the world of the shaft causes the least amount of deviation. Predator shaft signals and are used more than half of the 40 top professionals, 3 of 5 top women professionals and over 35,000 players around the world, according to the Predator. The specialists are not paid to play this cue. They play because their lives depend on their ability to play, which is enhanced with high-tech equipment.

Because predators led in the mid-90s, many companies have joined the technological revolution. Lucasi Hybrid Cues offers Zero Point Flex shaft on all hybrid models. The technology is similar to the predator shaft to dramatically reduce the deviation. They offer a shaft with a large number of species common to fit most replicas made today. Thorsten Hohmann of Germany World Champion, who is playing Lucasi Hybrid.

OB-1 and OB-2 shaft also offers a low deflection technology, and John Schmidt recently changed OB cues. He said that he ran over 400 balls to play pool right on the second day he OB shaft.

I have to try one of the signal itself, and I must say, I love high-tech new cue. I play with a Predator 5K3, and despite not having played in 14 years, my game has improved to be way higher than I've ever played before. To reduce the deviation British hard shot a lot easier, by reducing the amount of compensation to a syringe.

Summing up, the promotion of technology has reduced training for beginners and intermediate players by reducing the deflection of the ball, and requires far less compensation for the effects of needle and syringe. And professionals who live on cue? Almost all of them played a low shaft deflection. Why not? If not, their competitors (who all do) will have the money.

Humanscale Sit-Stand

Humanscale is responsible for making some of our most popular ergonomic adjustable desk workstations and accessories. When someone is looking for a standard-quality keyboard trays, we almost always refer first to the Humanscale Keyboard tray 900 for ease of use and flexibility. In fact, many of my conversations with customers ultimately result in Humanscale products. Oh, this is a great seat, you're looking for? Look at the freedom of chairman. Monitoring of weapons? Check out. LED lights work? You bet. Eh, Mate Mouse? Why not? Almost everything that can wear out, or at your desk, Humanscale offers.

But what about the tables?

Sit-stand desk is one of the Humanscale must go. So we all know it's inevitable that they will be included in the regulated market of the table altitude in the end, and when they did it would definitely be a product worth the wait. It is not surprising that when the inevitable becomes reality, the result is Lampung Humanscale Sit-stand.

Table Lampung Humanscale was named so in the near-capacity work surface efforts of the "floating" from a sitting to standing without using an electric motor or one of those weird grandfather used to use to start your car. In contrast, using a constant-force balance mechanism, which makes adjustments quick and easy. Another table offers a one-handed adjustment free pesky electrical wires or a crank, such as Steelcase AirTouch, but there are some features that set each other Humasnscale Lampung.

For starters, his 20-inch with one hand without the use of configuration management tools are best for this type of mechanism. Also, it can handle up to £ 120 desktop, and it does not include the table. Countertops, it is known that the additional width of 72 inches. (You can even buy Lampung Humanscale basis only, and use the desktop from other manufacturers, if Humanscale does not meet your needs.) Moreover, although it is quite heavy, there is no support beam annoying to take up valuable space on your feet under the table. And to further our poor customers is a safety feature to keep the table properly "float" to the chin, when properly balanced.

I'm sure you've heard about the health benefits of
adjustable height desks or a table, but for those who are a little late to the party, benefit from the opportunities from time to time to stand on your workstation innumerable. Sitting for long periods can cause blood circulation and pain problems, and standing all day, not better. With the ability to go from sitting to standing position several times a day can help ease future health problems.

I can tell you from personal experience that using a sit-up does wonders for your energy. I may not do it as often as I should (preferably to 15 minutes for each hour of work), but when I stood on my desk, I saw immediate improvement in energy and productivity. We all use them here in the office and throughout the day, you can hear the hum of our electric sit stand desks up and down.

We have received orders to Float, and they now plan to start selling in May 2012. A proven track record has me excited Humanscale to get here in our shop - I like the idea of ​​having a slightly smaller wires to my legs wrapped, and I like the simplicity of design, especially the absence of the crossbar. And although my electric sit-stand works great, it takes time to go from sitting to standing and vice versa. I hope that in mind as Humanscale table "next generation"
adjustable table

My Retail Furniture Business Closed - Now What?

U.S. Retail Furniture Dealers and home goods retailers have been hurt by several things in the past few years. Small business owners in retail furniture and home furnishings have been forced out of business

At first it was competition from big box stores like Target and specialty super-chains like Restoration Hardware and Z Gallery. Cheap imported knock-offs of American and European designed furniture appeared everywhere, at prices designed to eliminate the competition.

Then the slowdown in housing and the end of home refinancing took its toll. If you've been in the furniture business a while, as I have, you know that people simply stopped spending a while ago, before reports of a "possible recession" began to surface.

Smaller boutique and specialty furniture stores began closing, and they were followed by huge furniture chains including Wickes, which closed its 38 stores nationwide.

Have you been affected by any of the above? I was. It changed my life.

For 17 years I owned a small group of retail furniture specialty stores in Chicago and Southwest Michigan. I sold exotic furniture from all over the world, unusual home furnishings and art. The retail stores were like mini-museums with price tags, and we had a great following.

However, my best selling furniture designs started showing up in some of the big stores mentioned above. Not exactly the same furniture, and definitely not the same quality, but to undiscerning customers, the "look" was apparently close enough. And the competition forced me to sell many formerly profitable items a loss.

I had to be on the lookout for new furniture suppliers to find items to replace the furniture designs which had been ripped-off.

Then it happened. It seems that most of my furniture sales had been to either buyers of new homes or refinancers of old ones. It was the start of the decline in the housing market. My warehouse was full of furniture. It was enough to last two to three months, given the turnover in my furniture stores.

I wasn't prepared for what happened. That inventory lasted almost three years!

The end of my furniture businesses was in sight, but I struggled to stay afloat. When employees left, I didn't replace them. I became a slave to my stores, which were open seven days a week.

I cut back every expense I could. But the rents still went up every year. Eventually I decided to close each store as the leases were up for renewal. My landlords all wanted five to ten year commitments, with escalation clauses. That firmed the decision.

So, I was left with no stores and no source of income. Not a pretty scenario.

I started looking for what would be the next venture. It had to be something with no inventory, rent, overhead or employees. A friend had introduced me to a network marketing company a few years earlier, but that opportunity was simply too slow-growth for what I wanted. My goal was to find something which could replace the six-figure income I was getting from my furniture stores, and do it quickly!

After months of research, I finally found what I was looking for. Top Tier Direct Sales. I found a company which specialized in selling high-end products on the internet, and signed on.

I learned internet marketing from the company's excellent trainers, and was set up in my new business in a few weeks. Sales started rolling in the next month. Now I work from home, or from the beach in Cancun, or from my i-phone. I love the internet and top tier sales. They gave me the freedom and money I was looking for.

If you are a small business owner, consider what your business was like a few years ago. Have you experienced some of the same pressures as I did? Will things be better next month? How about next year?

You owe it to yourself to take a look at the solution I found. Go to my website right now.
Take a look. This is serious.

A Variety of Business Office Furniture

Regardless of the type of business you are in, you probably have an office, even if it is at home, and one thing that all business offices have in common is a variety of business office furniture. Let's take a look at the different types of office furniture that you may need for your business, regardless if you are setting up a new office, remodeling or updating an old one or expanding your current situation.

Something that all offices need is a work surface, and this usually takes the form of a desk. Desks alone come in a large selection of styles, designs and materials. There are large, executive desks, small computer desks, and corner desks that are great in forming cubbies for offices with many employees. Many desks today are made of pressed board or particle board, though you can still find quality, solid wood desks. The large, heavy, metal desks that used to be found in all government offices are mostly a thing of the past, but other versions of metal desks can be found, sometimes with glass surfaces. An unusual style of desk that is gaining in popularity though far from mainstream are standing desks. Though these take a while to get used to, they are said to be great for posture and greater work productivity.

Besides a desk, another piece of business office furniture is the hutch. This piece is usually placed on top of the desk to increase your vertical work space. They normally have a variety of shelves, cubbies and small cupboards.

Most offices have the need of shelves, and I would say that this is a very popular piece of business office furniture. You can get shelves in a variety of sizes and materials to fit any office space or decor.

Large cupboards are great in any office for storing needed items that you want to keep out of sight. When I think cupboards, I usually think storage for office supplies.

File cabinets are a must have piece of business office furniture that anyone could use. Owning a business, you know that there are important documents and files that must be kept for important reference, tax purposes and the daily functioning of your business. Though files can be stored in file drawers that are included in a desk, usually more space is needed so your options are two or four drawer cabinets, usually made of metal or wood products.

Unless you have a standing desk, one piece of business office furniture that everyone needs is a chair. Office chairs come in a wide price range, a variety of sizes and a wide range of materials.

A conference table is a piece of furniture that is only used in larger offices. It is kind of fun when you reach the growth stage that you need one of these. You can get them in a variety of sizes, shapes and material, so pick one that suits the ambiance that you are trying to create in your office. Other pieces of business office furniture that are only used in larger offices include special reception desks, seating for a waiting room (couches, chairs, small tables), and furniture for a break room.

What Are the Workplace Safety Furnishings and Supplies in Construction Industry

All construction companies are required to have their workplace safety policy that is compliant to the area's OSHA or Occupational Safety and Hazard Management. Each construction project must be able to create an internal system that ensure proper safety measures and management so that their construction workers are able to work without worrying for their safety. Accidents do happen and being prepared is the only way to go. Construction companies who happen to have absences from their employee, There are so many things to consider in workplace safety but it can help you in managing safety in your group.

Safety Equipment Supplies like goggles, hard hats, working gloves, harness, safety boots can be provided by some of the Industrial Safety Supplies companies in the area. Different types of work requires different types of safety equipment and get-up. For example, workers who are in the cutting or handling hard and sharp objects on site must be provided with Kevlar Cut Resistant Gloves or Puncture Resistance Gloves to prevent them from suffering gushes or cuts. Workers who happen to perform rounding duties usually wore lifelines or harness just in case they might fall off. Still, other use other pertinent equipment and gear to handle their job without harm. Typical safety gear kits include goggles for eye protection, hard hat for head protection, and safety steel-toe boots to protect the feet from falling objects. Some even have tools like a torch, lighter and other stuffs....

Each worker should have these three essentials in working in a construction site. The head of the workplace safety management is usually called a Safety Engineer. He is the on responsible for overseeing the safety status of the whole project. He devises plans and systems that can comply and implement OSHA. He conducts the emergency management training for the workers and as well as basic first aid. These are essential in helping out those who will be in an accident. If the project is long term, trainings are continuously conducted on a periodic frequency.

Rarely do Hazmat Suits, specifically Level A Hazmat Suit are used in the construction industry because they are not applicable in the area. Level A Hazmat Suit is actually a full head-to-toe costume that has its own breathing apparatus and communication abilities within the confines of the suit. Although, they can protect the wearer from toxic substances and extreme heat or cold, the lack of inter human relations can prove to be wrong. So let us get starting seriously.

As much as possible, remember to ask around the local laws about having to deal with the OSHA policy. The workplace safety might be ignored or neglected but when something bad happens, it is usually the first to be looked upon. If accidents do happen, then the Safety Engineer is liable for the reputation of the company he represents. He can loose his license and his job by being too lax. He constantly think of furnishings and supplies that can best fit the items in his Safety Management Plan.

Different Restaurant Furniture Supply For Different Restaurants

There are so many different kinds of restaurants, and so many different kinds of restaurant furniture. Each has its own specific style and way of conveying a certain mood. If you're looking to open up a restaurant, read on to see what kind of commercial furniture you need.

If it's an ethnic restaurant in an urban area, a simple black restaurant chair is the beginning of a minimalist style to pursue for your restaurant's ambiance. These chairs are lightweight, quiet to move, and easy to replace, should they need replacing. They work with whatever interior design you decide to pursue and they are relatively inexpensive.

You could also consider family style seating, which usually consists of long tables and individual benches. Of course, this depends more on the size of your restaurant and the type of atmosphere you'd like to create. These restaurants usually tend to be louder, since they are less intimate.

If it's a diner, you will need the standard restaurant chair as well as the booth, the staple of late night coffee talks and bustling mid-town luncheons. Comfy, soft, and made for patrons to sit and order again and again, it's a standard for any restaurant that aspires to recreate nostalgia, kitsch, or homey feeling.

When you move away from the pure restaurant, you immediately think of bar chairs. Quality bar chairs are ones that spin, and thus allow conversation to open up and out. That brings people closer to the bar and makes for a more fun environment. Commercial bar furniture usually includes a set of tables and chairs, which can be easily bought from a restaurant furniture supply, but if your restaurant also has a lounge space, which necessitates quieter, softer furniture, you need to find accommodating furniture; something between bar chairs and soft booths.

If you are going for a lounge, you will need low furniture with lots of cushions. Big square blocks which could function as ottomans or seats are also good. And if need be, you can even make do with a set of restaurant chairs and tables, as long as you have plenty of candles to place on top of them.

Of course, these are just tips to help you open your restaurant. Once things are off and running, you can refine the style to include certain unique elements that make your restaurant stand out from the crowd. Your commercial furniture is one important aspect of how to do it.

Hotels And Restaurants: How To Choose Outdoor Furniture And Supplies For Your Pool And Patio Area

When your customers are picturing their perfect vacation, they are picturing gorgeous views and delicious food. They are not picturing broken furniture and rusting bar equipment. Unfortunately, that's exactly what you will have if you buy your outdoor equipment and furniture solely on price without doing your due diligence. As an equipment and supply dealer in the Florida and Caribbean markets for nearly sixty years, we have been asked to visit many properties where the operator had gone out and bought all new residential outdoor furniture for their property, only to have to replace it with commercial furniture a few months later. Especially in this economy, you need your investments to last. Do the research and spend a little more at the beginning, and save yourself the headaches and the replacement costs down the road.

In Florida we live in a gorgeous climate that people from around the world spend millions of dollars each year to visit. You want your outdoor areas to look inviting and to withstand damage from both your guests and our climate. There are common mistakes that operators make when they design an outdoor area in Florida. It doesn't matter if the property is a poolside lounge area, a rooftop bar area, or just a casual area set aside for your guests and patrons to enjoy the afternoon sun.

The most common mistake that we see is that people design these areas as if they were designing their own personal back yards, and use the same types of products. You might have found outdoor seats and cushions at your local big box retailer and thought they were nice enough to use on your pool side chaise lounges and outdoor seating. The thing to remember here is that these retailers may have hundreds of stores around the country, and not all stores are located in areas with as harsh outdoor elements as Florida. So a seat cushion made for the short summer months in New York is not made with the same standards as a seat cushion that is used year round in Florida. In addition, the climate in Florida is much more severe than the summer climates elsewhere. You have to figure the amount of heat, UV rays, humidity, rain and salt air. These larger retailers inventory a generic product that may work for most states around the country, but not for Florida's extreme climate. The combination of the sun and the salt air alone will greatly diminish the life of most outdoor equipment, supplies and furniture even if the products that are labeled for "outdoor use".

A lot of thought and planning needs to be incorporated in specifying an outdoor commercial application in Florida. If the planning is not done correctly you will find yourself with a lot of rusted and corroded equipment, that will have to be replaced and disposed of within a year, or worse yet you might find your self fighting a legal battle because someone got hurt on your property. Besides the obvious differences between using residential grade products versus commercial grade furniture, Florida's extreme climate dramatically shortens the life expectancy of most food service equipment. The salt air and close proximity to the equator create a very harsh environment. While most manufacturers produce equipment and supplies for outdoor use, many are suitable for outdoor use throughout the rest of the United States, but just do not hold up well to Florida's brutal conditions. The salt air and UV sunlight will cause wood to warp, plastics to melt, fabrics to fade, and metals to rust. Buying the right equipment from the beginning will result in not having to buy it twice. Most importantly, buying the right items does not have to cost more. It just has to be specified correctly from the beginning.

There are several manufacturers of outdoor equipment, supplies and furniture that will work better and last longer here in Florida. While nothing will last forever, these manufacturers have developed products that will hold up to Florida's extreme environment. A few of the manufacturers include Vermont Island, Grosfillex, Cambro, MagiKitch'n, Supreme Metal and G.E.T. Vermont Island builds outdoor custom modular food service carts. Their units consist primarily of bar components and mobile cooking equipment built specifically for outdoor use. Their units are made with a tropical wood known as Ipe. The Ipe will not warp in the Florida sun and it resists insects. In addition, they use all stainless steel cooking equipment and materials such as granite or stone that hold up nicely on our beaches. Several properties in Florida who use Vermont Islands are: The Disney Swan And Dolphin Resorts (Orlando), The Breakers (Palm Beach), The Polo Club (Boca Raton), Ocean Reef Club (Key Largo), The Hilton (Key West), Admiral's Cove (Jupiter), and Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club (Naples).

Outdoor seating is probably the area where most operators make the biggest error. Materials such as chrome and wrought iron may look good for several months but the harsh sun and salt air will degrade these materials, eventually making them unsafe. Even scarier is the fact that many retailers carry residential grade furniture that is not made to the same specifications as commercial grade furniture. Grosfillex is a major manufacturer of commercial plastic furniture. They design and build beautiful plastic furniture to look like metal and many other trendy materials. The difference between what Grosfillex manufacturers and what you will find in your local home patio store is that Grosfillex builds their furniture to a higher standard. They conform to several ASTM (American Society For Testing And Materials) standards, while most chairs that you will see at big box retailers do not. Their chairs must be able to maintain a load of 400 lbs, while tilting back 4 inches on their rear legs, for half an hour. Their chair backs must be able to maintain 150 pounds for half an hour, arm rests must be able to sustain the weight of 250 pounds suspended from them, and their chaise lounges are certified to sustain a 400-pound person. The safety and well-being of your patrons should be the driving force in selecting the safest furniture. However, the settlement that you will be forced to pay a patron who sues you as a result of a injury from a broken chair is also a great motivator in buying quality commercial chairs and furniture.

Cambro is another manufacturer who designs products for use in pool areas and patios. They offer several different sized portable bars that can easily be rolled out for temporary use in most environments. Cambro blow molds their bars from durable plastics; therefore they hold up very well even in our climate. In addition to their portable bars and ice caddies, they also manufacture plastic tray, plates and polycarbonate drinkware. The drinkware pieces have the look and style of glassware, but offer the safety of plastic. They are reusable and will last longer than their glassware counterparts. Several operators who use Cambro products are: Green Streets Restaurant And Lounge (Coconut Grove), Boca Raton Hotel (Boca Raton), J.B.'s On The Beach (Deerfield Beach), and The Renaissance Orlando Sea World (Orlando), just to name a few.

G.E.T. Melamine Company is another manufacturer who designs smallwares items that can be safely used in your outdoor pool areas and bars. Their polycarbonate beer mugs, martini glasses, wine glasses and other drinkware look like glass, but are made to be more durable to handle all of your outdoor needs. They also offer dozens of patterns of dinnerware to help set the dining experience, all made of melamine. Melamine products are tough and will not break if dropped. This will give you peace of mind and avoid injury to an unsuspecting patron who might be walking around barefoot in your pool area.
To make an educated purchase of outdoor cooking equipment, you must understand a little bit about stainless steel. There are two types of stainless steel primarily used in the foodservice industry, the first is 430 series stainless steel and the second is 304 series stainless steel. The main differences between the two is the amount of nickel in both metals. Most operators do not know the difference between the two metals because both metals look the same. However, 430 stainless steel will rust much faster in the salt air than the 304 stainless steel. Since 430 stainless steel is slightly less expensive than 304 stainless steel, many manufacturers will build cooking equipment with 430 stainless, for outdoor use. While a 430 stainless steel char broiler might not show signs of rust within a year if placed in central Ohio, it will certainly rust within the first year in service in Florida.

I recently reviewed the plans specified by an equipment dealer located in the Midwest who designed a roof top patio using a char broiler made of 430 stainless. The unit will certainly rust in the salt air, obviously not a problem in the Midwest. This is an example of a piece of cooking equipment designed to work outdoors, just not in a coastal area where there is salt air present. I contacted the end user and recommended that they speak to their consultant and have this specific piece of cooking equipment re-specified to a brand such as MagiKitch'n. MagiKitch'n builds a similar unit, but they build theirs out of 304 stainless steel, therefore it will endure our local salt air much longer. With a little research, or guidance from an experienced equipment and supply company you can extend the life of your equipment investments. Two properties in Florida using MagiKitch'n outdoor cooking equipment are Mizner Country Club (Boca Raton) and Saddlebrook Resort and Spa (Wesley Chapel).

A lot of operators also chose to use galvanized metals instead of stainless steel, primarily in the kitchen or bar areas. A hotel's pool and patio area in Florida is constantly subjected to rain, humidity, extreme heat and salt air. Galvanized metals will rust quickly. Supreme Metal Company offers an all stainless steel series of back bar equipment. While their economy, galvanized line known as the Challenger Series will hold up for several years on inside bars, outside bars will fare much better when their entire understructure and other surfaces are made of stainless. The Prestige line by Supreme Metal features all stainless steel design, and it is polished and chromed. These metals will not only last longer in the Florida heat and salt air, but the mirrored chromed finish will make any bartender proud. A few well known users of Supreme Metal's Prestige line are: The Palm Beach Country Club (Palm Beach), Sandals Resort (Jamaica), and Beaches Resort (Turks And Caicos).

Designing and specifying the correct equipment, supplies and furniture to use in an outdoor pool bar or patio takes time and effort. But by not doing your due diligence the first time around, you might select equipment that will not last or worse yet create an unsafe condition for your guests or patrons. The safest and most durable outdoor products should always be commercially rated, if made of metals should be specified as 304 stainless steel, and made of materials that will resist UV or are designed for Florida's harsh environment. By following these simple guidelines, you can easily create an outdoor "oasis" that is more profitable for you, safer for your guests and will give you a longer return on your investment.

Features of Ergonomic Office Chairs

When you encounter signs of back or neck pain, you need to pay more attention towards your seating posture, since most of the spine related problems are caused mainly due to poor seating posture both in office and home. Office chairs that are rigid and uncomfortable may not offer support to your spine which might ultimately cause a wide range of health problems including low back pain, neck strain, fatigue, stress, joint pain and more. Hence, it is important to find the best office chairs to enjoy your office hours without any pain.

Thanks to ergonomic office chairs which has advanced adjustable features to reduce back pain and other spine related problems. However, identifying the best ergonomic chairs with all adjustable features is important because low quality ergonomic chairs may not offer comfort and recovery from your back pain. You need to look into its key features to determine the worth of ergonomic chairs.

Some important features of ergonomic chairs are listed below:

Adjustable seat height:

Almost all the high quality computer chairs and ergonomic office chairs will have height adjustment features since height adjustment is important to maintain a proper seating posture. Spine related problems occur when the whole weight of the body is not distributed properly throughout the body. Your leg needs to reside on the floor to prevent back pain, so it is important to adjust the chair's height according to your needs.

Lumbar back support:

A good quality ergonomic chair will have good lumbar back support because lumbar back support can offer support to your spine curve effectively. If you are unable to find a chair with lumbar support then you can make use of small pillow or anything else to support your spine.


Armrest is also an important feature of ergonomic office chairs. Proper armrest design offers support to the arms during several hours of work. If you are finding it difficult to work with armrest adjustments then you can choose ergonomic chairs that have folding armrest models.


Backrest of an ergonomic chair will be wide enough to accommodate all sorts of people. Backrest needs to be designed properly to support the natural curve of the spine. Some chairs will have backrest separate from the seat, while in other chairs both backrest and seat will be together with limited flexible features. So, you need to choose the best type according to your needs.