Humanscale Sit-Stand

Humanscale is responsible for making some of our most popular ergonomic adjustable desk workstations and accessories. When someone is looking for a standard-quality keyboard trays, we almost always refer first to the Humanscale Keyboard tray 900 for ease of use and flexibility. In fact, many of my conversations with customers ultimately result in Humanscale products. Oh, this is a great seat, you're looking for? Look at the freedom of chairman. Monitoring of weapons? Check out. LED lights work? You bet. Eh, Mate Mouse? Why not? Almost everything that can wear out, or at your desk, Humanscale offers.

But what about the tables?

Sit-stand desk is one of the Humanscale must go. So we all know it's inevitable that they will be included in the regulated market of the table altitude in the end, and when they did it would definitely be a product worth the wait. It is not surprising that when the inevitable becomes reality, the result is Lampung Humanscale Sit-stand.

Table Lampung Humanscale was named so in the near-capacity work surface efforts of the "floating" from a sitting to standing without using an electric motor or one of those weird grandfather used to use to start your car. In contrast, using a constant-force balance mechanism, which makes adjustments quick and easy. Another table offers a one-handed adjustment free pesky electrical wires or a crank, such as Steelcase AirTouch, but there are some features that set each other Humasnscale Lampung.

For starters, his 20-inch with one hand without the use of configuration management tools are best for this type of mechanism. Also, it can handle up to £ 120 desktop, and it does not include the table. Countertops, it is known that the additional width of 72 inches. (You can even buy Lampung Humanscale basis only, and use the desktop from other manufacturers, if Humanscale does not meet your needs.) Moreover, although it is quite heavy, there is no support beam annoying to take up valuable space on your feet under the table. And to further our poor customers is a safety feature to keep the table properly "float" to the chin, when properly balanced.

I'm sure you've heard about the health benefits of
adjustable height desks or a table, but for those who are a little late to the party, benefit from the opportunities from time to time to stand on your workstation innumerable. Sitting for long periods can cause blood circulation and pain problems, and standing all day, not better. With the ability to go from sitting to standing position several times a day can help ease future health problems.

I can tell you from personal experience that using a sit-up does wonders for your energy. I may not do it as often as I should (preferably to 15 minutes for each hour of work), but when I stood on my desk, I saw immediate improvement in energy and productivity. We all use them here in the office and throughout the day, you can hear the hum of our electric sit stand desks up and down.

We have received orders to Float, and they now plan to start selling in May 2012. A proven track record has me excited Humanscale to get here in our shop - I like the idea of ​​having a slightly smaller wires to my legs wrapped, and I like the simplicity of design, especially the absence of the crossbar. And although my electric sit-stand works great, it takes time to go from sitting to standing and vice versa. I hope that in mind as Humanscale table "next generation"
adjustable table