Features of Ergonomic Office Chairs

When you encounter signs of back or neck pain, you need to pay more attention towards your seating posture, since most of the spine related problems are caused mainly due to poor seating posture both in office and home. Office chairs that are rigid and uncomfortable may not offer support to your spine which might ultimately cause a wide range of health problems including low back pain, neck strain, fatigue, stress, joint pain and more. Hence, it is important to find the best office chairs to enjoy your office hours without any pain.

Thanks to ergonomic office chairs which has advanced adjustable features to reduce back pain and other spine related problems. However, identifying the best ergonomic chairs with all adjustable features is important because low quality ergonomic chairs may not offer comfort and recovery from your back pain. You need to look into its key features to determine the worth of ergonomic chairs.

Some important features of ergonomic chairs are listed below:

Adjustable seat height:

Almost all the high quality computer chairs and ergonomic office chairs will have height adjustment features since height adjustment is important to maintain a proper seating posture. Spine related problems occur when the whole weight of the body is not distributed properly throughout the body. Your leg needs to reside on the floor to prevent back pain, so it is important to adjust the chair's height according to your needs.

Lumbar back support:

A good quality ergonomic chair will have good lumbar back support because lumbar back support can offer support to your spine curve effectively. If you are unable to find a chair with lumbar support then you can make use of small pillow or anything else to support your spine.


Armrest is also an important feature of ergonomic office chairs. Proper armrest design offers support to the arms during several hours of work. If you are finding it difficult to work with armrest adjustments then you can choose ergonomic chairs that have folding armrest models.


Backrest of an ergonomic chair will be wide enough to accommodate all sorts of people. Backrest needs to be designed properly to support the natural curve of the spine. Some chairs will have backrest separate from the seat, while in other chairs both backrest and seat will be together with limited flexible features. So, you need to choose the best type according to your needs.