Kids Loft Bed Configurations

Loft beds for kids are a great way to save space in your child's bedroom, as it allows you to use the same space that the bed is using for another purpose as well. Children usually love loft beds as it lets them sleep up high, and the fact that they have to climb into bed.

There are countless configurations for loft beds. The most popular one would be the double loft bed, which is a loft bed with a standard bed underneath, this allows 2 children to sleep in the same area, freeing up alot of space in the room for the kids to play in. This choice is usually the best one for parents with two or more children. One of the most popular choices for parents with a single child is a loft bed with a desk underneath. This allows the child flexibility as they grow up; to start with, they can use it as a play desk, as they get older and start going to school it can be used as a study desk. And as they go into their teenage years, they can use it as a place to put the tv, or even swap out the desk for a couch or something similar.

One of the great things about loft beds is that they are versatile; you can change what you have under them without having to get a new bed every time. This will save the parents a lot of money in the long run, as a bed is usually one of the most expensive items in a room.

When you are looking for a loft bed, there are a couple of things you want to check out. The first one would be how stable is the bed, can you wobble it while standing on the ground? If so, then move on, the last thing you want is a bed that will sway and move when your child is on it, it might not be safe as they get older and start growing. Another thing you'll want to check, is it free standing, the reason for this is to see if you can swap out what is under it for something different, you want to do this to ensure you won't need to buy a new bed if you want to swap a desk for another item like a couch chest of draws or something similar