Buying Baby Bedroom Furniture

With the immanent arrival of your new born you need to ensure that your baby's room is ready for when they arrive. A splash of paint, new curtains and some furniture should be enough to transform your room into a warm, stylish environment for your baby.

When choosing furniture you want enough furniture to make caring for your baby as easy as possible. You could purchase all your furniture items separately or a great way to save money is to buy it all as part of a pre-made baby furniture set. There are many manufacturers offering their furniture in sets including Tutti Bambini, Cosata and East Coast.

Just how much furniture you choose to purchase will depend on the size of your room. Sets are available with everything from 2 pieces to 9 pieces in a range of styles and budgets to suite every taste. The most important item of furniture you will purchase for your new born is their crib/cot. Make sure you look for a model where the sides lower making it easier to lift your baby in and out. Sides that can be lowered with a single hand are even better as you don't have to put your baby down to operate them. If you choose to purchase your cot second hand always ensure that you purchase a new mattress for your baby to sleep on.

The second most important item of furniture most baby furniture sets include is a changing table. You should check the height of the changing table is suitable for you and your partner, you should aim for around waist height to make it more comfortable to use. Most changing tables have some form of guard rails around the edges to stop your baby from rolling off. Many changing tables have storage space underneath in the form of drawers, cupboards or shelves, this can be a valuable space to store all those baby changing items.
Other items available in the larger baby furniture sets include rocking/gliding chairs, wardrobes, toy boxes, shelving units amongst other items.