10 Office Products Every Company Needs

Do you have the right office supplies and stationery to help develop an efficient and successful workplace? If not, then it may be time to change your supplier and make a list of everything you might need.

To help get you started, here are 10 items every office should have:

1) Pens - The mystery of the missing pens will probably never be solved, so it is important to have a healthy supply of biros, markers and highlighters to ensure there's always one available when you need one.

2) Diaries and planners - Although some people like to keep their diaries online, many people like the traditional hard-copy version. Providing enough diaries will ensure your employees meet deadlines, turn up to where they need to be on time and have all their contacts in one place.

3) Post it notes - If your employees are dealing with an information overload and need helpful reminders, the post it note can be the most important stationery purchase you make. Beware, though, they have a habit of taking over desks and offices!

4) Staplers - Make sure you have enough staplers. Employees get very precious about staplers, especially when people borrow them and don't bring them back. They are, however, extremely useful when it comes to binding documents and memos.

5) Envelopes - Every office will, at some point in time, need to send out letters and packages. Having an ample supply of the right size and kind of envelopes for the sort of items you send out are essential.

6) Paper - From paper for your printer, photocopier or fax machine to flip chart sheets and white board paper, you'll need to work out how much you go through over a set period of time and place your order.

7) Notepads - Your paper needs don't end with the those above. If your employees need to make notes during the course of their job or if they attend meetings, then you'll need a healthy supply of notepads and writing pads in the stationery closet.

8) Paper shredder - Confidential documents or no longer needed client information may need to be disposed and when it does the most secure way is by using a paper shredder. Some can even destroy old credit cards.

9) Sticky tape - It may not be for everyday use, but having plenty of Sellotape is very helpful more often that you'd think.

10) Files and folders - Computers may have reduced the amount of paper being stored in offices, but hard-copy back ups and easy-to-access folders, such as level arch files, are still extremely useful.

Start by making a list of all the office supplies and office stationery you're going to be needing and find a reputable supplier to help get you stocked up.