A Guide to Buying Office Supplies Online For Small Businesses

Buying office supplies for any business large or small is a considerable expense, even more so if you don't know where to buy or how to save when you can. Consumables such as Inkjet cartridges, paper and in general most office stationery are not just expense, but consumed quickly meaning that as a small business they will eat into your profits. The good news are that as a small business with little red tape and no corporate bureaucracy to deal with, you have a few option when buying office supply online which will help you buy smartly and save.

Let your fingers venture online - Online shopping offers the cheapest alternative to buying from your high street. There are many web only office consumable e-retailers offering fantastic savings as they don't have any physical shops to support so the savings are passed straight to your pocket.

Always compare prices - While price comparison sites are perfect for buying electronics and other similar goods, they are less effective for comparing office consumables unless you are buying a known brand. Try comparing office supply prices using less traditional sites such as eBay, amazon and even Google products to save.

Buy using cash back sites - When you have decided where to buy, consider buying through one of the many cash back sites. Those free to join sites offer shoppers a percentage of money earned when you purchase goods through one of sites working with them. Normally you will get between 2% to 10% back within 30 days, but offers vary from one site to the other.

Buy using money back credit card - Similar to cash back sites, some credit card deals offer money back when used. Check with your credit card company or research the market to find the best deal. Normally you will be looking to get between 1% to 3% and the guarantees which come by using a credit card

Buy using a discount code - Most e-retailers offer some sort of discount code promotion at times, also know as coupon or voucher code. If you spot that your preferred online shop offers this type of promotion try and find a discount code for the shop using one of the many discount code aggregation sites. Discount codes vary between sites, but are normally between 5% to 10%.

Consider non-branded - When buying branded office supply products, on top of paying for good quality of course, you will also be paying for the name. Because of the nature of consumable office supplies, buying non branded products provided the quality is still there will make sense and help the business save.

Consider alternatives - Perhaps the biggest recurring office supply expense is consistently replacing the office Inkjet cartridges. Smart shoppers already know that Inkjet ink cartridges are costly and many times the price of a printer is low because the price of the original Inks are high.

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