Decorating the Nursery - Choosing the Baby Room Furniture

Choosing the baby room furniture is an important part of planning and decorating your baby's room. There are many options available when it comes to baby furniture, so you should to decide what functions you want the furniture to serve before you settle on the pieces for your baby's room. How long do you plan to use the furniture? Do you want to use it for more than one baby? Do you want furniture pieces that will convert and grow with your child?

The baby crib is the most key piece of furniture for the baby room. When purchasing a crib, you have many options available to you. Standard, convertible, iron, round, and portable cribs are just a few of the styles available. A standard crib is typically the most affordable, starting at around $100. Round cribs have become more popular in recent years and can be great especially for awkward floor plans but keep in mind that your bedding selections will be more limited than with a traditionally shaped crib. The same goes for portable size cribs which can be great if you have limited square footage to work with. Hand painted and designer cribs are also options but expect to pay more for these baby room furniture pieces. On the upside, many of these beautiful cribs could easily become family heirlooms.

A dresser and/or changing table is also another essential baby room furniture item. You can get a combo piece that works as both or purchase each piece individually. The dresser is important for providing storage for baby clothes and the changing table provides a designated changing and diapering area. If you get a furniture piece that is a combination of the two, you can convert the changing table part when your baby outgrows the need for it and continue to use it in their room as they grow.

A glider and ottoman or a rocking chair are also great furniture pieces to have in the baby room. They provide a place to sit not only during late night feedings but also when you just want to spend some quality time cuddling and bonding with the baby. A toy box and bookcase are other furniture items you might consider for the baby room. Both will provide much needed storage for the many items a baby requires and will help keep the room organized and tidy.

If you plan to use the furniture for several years, considering spending a little extra on the pieces you purchase. Spending a few extra dollars now will likely get you sturdier furniture that is more likely to withstand the years of wear and tear a baby and young child may cause.