10 Office Supplies Every Workplace Needs

Do you need to place an order for office supplies and stationery? If so, make sure you've considered these 10 important products.

1. Sellotape - An office essential if ever there was one. Perfect for adding extra support to parcels and letters, as well as repairing cheques and invoices.

2. A4 Paper - Every office needs A4 paper, whether it's for printing, note taking or photocopying. You may want to order different types for the different purposes. For instance, you may want some high quality paper for client proposals.

3. Envelopes - Every office sends out correspondence, which is why having a wide selection of envelope sizes and shapes will be important for the business.

4. Special envelopes - For those jobs where you're sending a heavy or large item and required something tougher, more secure or padded, there are a range of special envelopes to choose from.

5. Staplers - If you need to bind together reports, memos, documents for filing and any other office papers, staplers are extremely useful.

6. Inkjet cartridges - While the web has taken over some of the need for printed items, for reports and filing, it still has a useful place. To avoid any last minute problems, a good supply of inkjet cartridges will always be useful,

7. Filing cabinets - Important documents need to be stored both electronically and in print. When it's in printed form, a secure filing cabinet is often the most convenient method.

8. Lever arch files - Another useful tool for storage is the lever arch file, allowing you to conveniently store useful documents.

9. Post it notes - When it comes to remembering passwords, meetings and other important information, post it notes reign supreme.

10. White board - Meetings are an important part of any office and having a white board for brainstorming great ideas on will be a useful addition to your workplace.

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