Is this your cue? The truth about modern high-technology pool cues

I started playing snooker at a young age 7, during the winter, grew up in northern Maine, where the temperature reaches 50 below zero, and it's too cold to ski. Games forum at Loring AFB has a pool table and some very athletic kids, I was a natural curiosity about the game, but after watching a few games I was invited to one of the pilot, to play games with him. He showed how to hold a cue and make a bridge, and I was a small wooden box to stand on, so I can get to the table. Does not take much time, so I became addicted to the game, and immediately invited my friends to play. We spent many winter days in this room, REC, playing for several hours, making our own rules and games, and eventually even a nickel candy, bet on the outcome. Yes, we are big spenders!

When summer hits, we put the cue back and play baseball all day. My dream since I was 5 years old and saw the Dodgers play in Los Angeles a few times before my dad moved to Loring, is to become a professional baseball player, and I finally got a scholarship to college baseball in Texas where my father retired in 1966. For years, every spare hour was spent not practicing baseball in the billiard room, and after my baseball career ended with a torn shoulder pitching, swimming pool becomes the number one interest. I won my first tournament when I was 17 at the bar, my brother worked for and won the first prize cues. I am very excited, until I screwed it together and turned it on the table. To my horror, he rolled down like a bottle opener, because it's so misguided to be aspirin! Back to the game with a stick bar!

Over the next 20 years, I rushed to the pool, where I worked at that time. I drilled oil wells across the country, and make so much money to bother hooligans after the change, as I do with my salary. As a mud engineer, I am responsible for checking the various units every day, and learn, and play against hundreds of players from different pools each year. Moving across the country in various fields every year, I was able to stay below the radar and remains relatively unknown, so there is never a problem to get the money game. I think I never met a bully, do not play pool, and most of them are fairly high opinion of his game. Typically, this has changed when it comes time to pay!

In 1989, I met with Alexander Brothers on the golf course in Dallas. Nick, a lawyer, founded Billiards click-click of a few years ago, and now has a total of 20 rooms pools dallas, with its original space in the pool right in the Dallas Abrams Rd. and Northwest Highway. Greg, his brother, is the CEO and responsible for hiring managers for all 20 pool room. At the moment I left the oil business and earn a living on the golf course and pool room every day. Greg and Nick are both members of the Sleepy Hollow Country Club, south of Dallas, where I rushed to the golf course every day. Greg is a 3-disabled, and after I played with him, 3 or 4 days a week for several months (and take money out of it), he asked if I was playing billiards. Heh-heh-heh. "A little," I said, and he took me into the night to original Billiards clicks to try to win some of their money back.

After he paid a hundred, I beat him out that night, he offered me a job as assistant manager of the original officers. He knew that I was never banned as a rule before, but assured me I would choose to quickly, and will go straight to the pool of players that their main customer base. Was he ever right! I do to it like fish in water, and finally satisfaction best pool players in Dallas and one of the best in the country. Click had several exhibitions, including Grady Matthews, Eva, and Mataya, striking Viking. Click also where I met CJ M., expensive players, who won the ESPN Ultimate Challenge Nine in 1995 or 96. There are many, many at the highest level of professional players at the click, with $ 1000 a lot of games this pocket is the night, with many big bets Dallas fund a lot of action, and sweaters in dozens of trains, just watch ... or pray, LOL.

CJ rolled Hit in 1990, and continued to terrorize the local professionals. He became an instant legend, steamrolling every major player in the city. People who are afraid of the devil out of me will not even touch the CJ, as he invited them to 5 and out. His reputation grew, and his approval rating as well, eventually reaching 4 or 5 in the world of swimming. While working there, I quickly made friends with CJ, and when he opened his own room in Dallas, CJ, Billiard Palace, I finally get a click and get a place in the management of CJ. When he finds a player 90% of the action, and the professionals who go with him. He has 12 gold crowns, compared to 4 clicks per, kitchen, and open 24 hours. The action never stops.

So what, you ask, does all of this should be the theme of the title? I bought my first cue, Wayne Thomas, 91, and though she was beautiful, with lots of gorgeous inlays, and very responsive, he really did not do anything to improve your game. I played with him for 3 years until it got stolen, and I love the team, but I can play just as well with the gesture bar, make sure it is the right weight and have a good tip. I spent $ 700 on cue, but I do not really need. He did not give me an advantage over the house cues.

I have a severe back injury in 1994 that made me quit playing golf and pool. I do not want to risk surgery, and not until 2008 that I had some non-narcotic drugs, VA That allows me to bend over the table again without excruciating pain. At that time the Predator cue comes from 10 of the shaft, the hollow at the end, which significantly reduces cue ball deflection on impact ... they said. Proceeds from the game for 14 years, I've read a little about these signals, and are interested to say the least.

For those of you reading this, I do not know that the deflection of the ball is, here he is in a nut shell: If the ball is struck on either side of the vertical axis ... the center line .... ball deflected or "needles" in the opposite direction. So if you hit the ball right to use "English" ... strike the cue ball right of the vertical center line ... the ball will deflect to the left, and vice versa .. The amount of deflection varies depending on the speed of impact, distance from the center line (or the tip displacement) hit the ball, and the mass of the tip. In other words, the more you use English, the harder the stroke, and the greater the mass of the end ..... All these factors will increase the amount of deviation, or syringe. This jet should be compensated when we seek, or you do not fire often enough.

That's where technology comes into play Predator. With a bit of empty space at the tip end, the mass decreased sharply reduce the number of aberrations, allowing a signal to push the shaft at impact to the side and pressing the cue shaft to the side. The shaft 314 has become very popular with the right professional, and the shaft to reduce the deviation of Z over by reducing the nozzle size of 12.75mm to 11.75mm. At the short end also helps reduce the mass and, hence, reduce the deviation is even more. Independent testing has a Z ² shaft and the shaft is 314 m ² of predators as the number 1 and number 2 in the world of the shaft causes the least amount of deviation. Predator shaft signals and are used more than half of the 40 top professionals, 3 of 5 top women professionals and over 35,000 players around the world, according to the Predator. The specialists are not paid to play this cue. They play because their lives depend on their ability to play, which is enhanced with high-tech equipment.

Because predators led in the mid-90s, many companies have joined the technological revolution. Lucasi Hybrid Cues offers Zero Point Flex shaft on all hybrid models. The technology is similar to the predator shaft to dramatically reduce the deviation. They offer a shaft with a large number of species common to fit most replicas made today. Thorsten Hohmann of Germany World Champion, who is playing Lucasi Hybrid.

OB-1 and OB-2 shaft also offers a low deflection technology, and John Schmidt recently changed OB cues. He said that he ran over 400 balls to play pool right on the second day he OB shaft.

I have to try one of the signal itself, and I must say, I love high-tech new cue. I play with a Predator 5K3, and despite not having played in 14 years, my game has improved to be way higher than I've ever played before. To reduce the deviation British hard shot a lot easier, by reducing the amount of compensation to a syringe.

Summing up, the promotion of technology has reduced training for beginners and intermediate players by reducing the deflection of the ball, and requires far less compensation for the effects of needle and syringe. And professionals who live on cue? Almost all of them played a low shaft deflection. Why not? If not, their competitors (who all do) will have the money.

Humanscale Sit-Stand

Humanscale is responsible for making some of our most popular ergonomic adjustable desk workstations and accessories. When someone is looking for a standard-quality keyboard trays, we almost always refer first to the Humanscale Keyboard tray 900 for ease of use and flexibility. In fact, many of my conversations with customers ultimately result in Humanscale products. Oh, this is a great seat, you're looking for? Look at the freedom of chairman. Monitoring of weapons? Check out. LED lights work? You bet. Eh, Mate Mouse? Why not? Almost everything that can wear out, or at your desk, Humanscale offers.

But what about the tables?

Sit-stand desk is one of the Humanscale must go. So we all know it's inevitable that they will be included in the regulated market of the table altitude in the end, and when they did it would definitely be a product worth the wait. It is not surprising that when the inevitable becomes reality, the result is Lampung Humanscale Sit-stand.

Table Lampung Humanscale was named so in the near-capacity work surface efforts of the "floating" from a sitting to standing without using an electric motor or one of those weird grandfather used to use to start your car. In contrast, using a constant-force balance mechanism, which makes adjustments quick and easy. Another table offers a one-handed adjustment free pesky electrical wires or a crank, such as Steelcase AirTouch, but there are some features that set each other Humasnscale Lampung.

For starters, his 20-inch with one hand without the use of configuration management tools are best for this type of mechanism. Also, it can handle up to £ 120 desktop, and it does not include the table. Countertops, it is known that the additional width of 72 inches. (You can even buy Lampung Humanscale basis only, and use the desktop from other manufacturers, if Humanscale does not meet your needs.) Moreover, although it is quite heavy, there is no support beam annoying to take up valuable space on your feet under the table. And to further our poor customers is a safety feature to keep the table properly "float" to the chin, when properly balanced.

I'm sure you've heard about the health benefits of
adjustable height desks or a table, but for those who are a little late to the party, benefit from the opportunities from time to time to stand on your workstation innumerable. Sitting for long periods can cause blood circulation and pain problems, and standing all day, not better. With the ability to go from sitting to standing position several times a day can help ease future health problems.

I can tell you from personal experience that using a sit-up does wonders for your energy. I may not do it as often as I should (preferably to 15 minutes for each hour of work), but when I stood on my desk, I saw immediate improvement in energy and productivity. We all use them here in the office and throughout the day, you can hear the hum of our electric sit stand desks up and down.

We have received orders to Float, and they now plan to start selling in May 2012. A proven track record has me excited Humanscale to get here in our shop - I like the idea of ​​having a slightly smaller wires to my legs wrapped, and I like the simplicity of design, especially the absence of the crossbar. And although my electric sit-stand works great, it takes time to go from sitting to standing and vice versa. I hope that in mind as Humanscale table "next generation"
adjustable table